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Broken uPVC door lock?

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If your uPVC door lock has broken, is hard to lock or is sticking, we can help you get the problem fixed: with our usual excellent service and affordable charges.

uPVC door locks come in three main parts: the lock cylinder (sometimes called the barrel) where the keys goes, the lock strip along the door edge with the hooks / bolts, and the keeps on the frame, where the bolts / hooks, etc lock into. All these 3 parts can all fail, either individually or all at once - the good news is that if you call us early enough we can fix the single cause, saving you the expense of a full replacement.

uPVC door locks are frequently damaged by incorrect fitting and seasonal variations in temperature affecting the fit of the door in the frame. If a lock starts to stick, people will often force it locked or unlocked until the delicate internal mechanism suddenly breaks - leaving you with an insecure home and an unexpected cost. Please don't try to force the handles up or down! Call us right away on 0800 88 24 132 and we'll have a much better chance of fixing the problem on the spot.

For uPVC door lock repairs, we charge at our standard hourly rates and will always try to repair the lock before replacing it - leaving you with more money in your pocket.

Our prices always include ALL FITTING AND PARTS - be careful to get a fully inclusive price as many companies will quote JUST for the parts.

Take the worry out of a broken uPVC door lock

NEW! Liberty Secure Locksmiths are now offering a new and unique service which will take care of the cost of repairing or replacing your current uPVC door locks.

By paying just £5 per month, or £60 per year, we will repair your lock or provide you with a new like-for-like replacement uPVC door lock in the event that any of your current uPVC door locks break. We'll even service your lock once a year and before you sign any agreement.

We also have a premium service with a £100 payment that covers 5 years of repair or replacements to your main uPVC door lock. It includes an annual service plus an initial service to keep your door lock in perfect condition.

If you want more details or to sign up please call direct on 0800 88 24 132 or email nick@libertysecure.co.uk


Are uPVC Door Locks really secure?

The answer to this is Yes and No! Double-glazing salesmen will swear black is white that the multi-point locks on uPVC doors are the securest locks on the market - usually while pointing out the array of roller-bolts, hook bolts and dead locks on the door edge.

Unfortunately, the weakness in the whole system is the lock cylinder where you put your key. This will, in 99.99% of cases, be the cheapest possible - and therefore lowest cost and lowest security - lock cylinder that the double-glazing company can get hold of. You'll probably be surprised to learn that their retail price is around £1.50 - if you are lucky! This means that the hardware which really controls entry to your house is about the same value as a supermarket sandwich!

These cheap cylinders offer no protection against lock picking, no protection against bump keys, being drilled open, lock snapping or other forced entry. They also offer NO protection against unauthorised copying of your keys.

We strongly recommended that you fit an upgraded cylinder - even our most basic lock cylinder is vastly more secure than your current lock. We offer the highest rated and most secure lock cylinders for uPVC doors of any locksmith in Bristol as upgrades, with key duplication protection as standard on all our high-security range.

Call 0800 88 24 132 for more details and to arrange a fitting.


Replacement uPVC door lock cylinder

Standard uPVC door cylinder

Standard uPVC & Apartment door lock:
£50 all inclusive

  • Standard to all uPVC, apartment and patio doors
  • Anti-drill pins fitted
  • Anti-pick pins
  • Key & Thumb-turn version available (£5 extra)
  • Complete with 3 keys (more can be ordered at £3 per key)
  • Complete price includes fitting by professional Locksmith
  • Need more than one uPVC door lock? Up to 25% discount on multiple purchases
  • Same day fitting always available

    Please call 0800 88 24 132 or book online with secure payments




    High Security Replacement uPVC door lock cylinder

    High Security uPVC door cylinder

    High Security uPVC & Apartment door lock:
    £99 all inclusive

  • Complete key control: nobody can duplicate your keys without your knowledge
  • Kitemarked as test to meet British Standards
  • Meets Grade 6 EN1303 standard for security
  • Hardened Anti-drill pins fitted with full length drill protection
  • Anti-pick pins
  • Centering pin for 'bump-key' resistance
  • Patented lock protection until 2022
  • Key & Thumb-turn version available (£9 extra)
  • Complete with 3 keys (more can be ordered at £18 per key)
  • Need more than one high security uPVC door lock? Up to 25% discount on multiple purchases
  • Complete price includes fitting by professional Locksmith

    Please call 0800 88 24 132 or book online with secure payments




    Important information:

    Please be as specific as possible in your enquiry so we can help you more effectively. It would be really helpful if you describe:

    • the problem you have (door won't lock or unlock, broken key or hard to lock )
    • the Makers name of the door edge (if you can see it), eg GU, Fuhr, Coldseal, Avocet, Mila etc)