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Stop your car from being stolen from your drive

Every day in Bristol a car is stolen using the owners keys

Increases in vehicle security mean that it is very hard to steal a car with out the key. Instead criminals are breaking into homes just to steal the keys.

The reality is that over 99% of houses in Bristol have at least one major security flaw that will enable a quick silent entry in order to take car keys and property.

To combat this we are now offering a high security package to protect your home from forced entry and also to protect your car on the driveway.

Car Safe Package £1599
Was £1899 - save £300

Includes everything below, complete with all fitting & no hidden charges.

· Every external door lock replaced with high security locks—from a choice of Bramah, Banham, Kaba, Ingersoll, Chubb M3, and Abloy

· Unpickable

· Uncopyable

· Highly Drill & force resistant

· “Bump-key” proof

· Anti-snap / anti-torque cylinders

· uPVC door locks replaced with ‘Sold Secure’ upgrades

· Security film fitted to single-glazed ground floor windows and glass panes in doors

· Helps stop windows being broken

· Key-operated Window locks fitted

  •      Code operated key safe: locks your keys away out of sight

· Door reinforcements fitted

· London & Birmingham bars stop door being kicked in

· Anti-jemmy shields fitted to prevent crow bar attacks

· Lock-guards reinforce keyholes

· Letterbox security cowl to prevent "letterbox fishing"

· Hinge bolts to strengthen door frame

· Spyhole fitted

· Door chain with integrated bolt

· High-security padlocks and hasps fitted to side / rear gates etc

  •      Folding or fixed parking posts fitted into your drive or in     front of your garage door

Add CCTV and Intruder Alarms for extra security
Available from £399


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